Inside the cathedral, a group of worshipers are crushed to their deaths, leaving the surviving priest awestruck. Eren and Annie fight each other in their Titan forms throughout the Stohess District, causing destruction and civilian deaths. Erwin, who accepts responsibility for the damage his plan has caused, is arrested by Nile, who orders the Military Police Regiment to help evacuate the civilians. After exchanging several blows, Annie is overpowered by Eren and attempts to escape by climbing up Wall Sina, but Mikasa cuts off Annie’s fingers and sends her falling. Eren prepares to eat Annie, but he stops when she starts to cry. Her body starts encasing itself in crystal before he recuperates in human form. Erwin attends a government inquiry to clear his name, explaining that he kept his plans secret to prevent leaks, despite the casualties during his plans. His new plan is to find intelligent Titans and use them to launch a counterattack against the Titans. Eren stays with the Scout Regiment, and Annie is put under the custody of the Scout Regiment. In the epilogue, a piece of Wall Sina crumbles, revealing the face of a Titan within the wall.

Episode 25 : Assault on Stohess [Part 3]